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Hello, I'm

Kendra Maye-Britton

I am here to help you address your business, professional and personal needs.

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KB Solutions provides non-profits, early educational institutions, and Head Start & Early Head Start programs with innovative consulting solutions. We remain on the frontline of what is significant in federal compliance, management systems, and organizational management. We are authorities in monitoring and compliance and regulatory requirements as outlined in the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

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Kendra came into my life at an unexpected time, but it was such a blessing in disguise. I didn't know I needed a coach until I met her. She coached me on how to organize my thoughts, plan my days, and believe in myself.

I was so excited to work with Kendra to take back control over my life, but then life happened. My son's father was murder during my life transition/ improvement with Kendra. She stepped right in and was there for me during the entire grieving process, and to be honest I don't know how I would have made it through that without her.


Kendra is not only a life coach, but she is heaven-sent. I'm forever grateful that we crossed paths. I still use the planning and organizing skills Kendra taught me. Kendra was the starting factor of my healing process on so many levels. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


I won a free session with Kendra as a prize in a Facebook group challenge. This one session placed me on a path to understand and working on forgiveness at a deeper level. Her ability to listen and help you grow is truly amazing. I highly recommend her life coach services.


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Women Colleagues

Consulting Areas Include:


Program Design & Management

Leadership Development

Conference Planning

Professional Development & Training

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Work with Me as Your Transformational Coach

I will help you walk in your authentic self by deconstructing limiting beliefs,  negative self-perception, habits, and mindsets.

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Take the first step in achieving change by booking a complimentary call with me to discover how I may be able to assist you.

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